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Welcome to the digital peacebuilding response toolkit!

This toolkit is a collaboration between Search for Common Ground and Build Up, and a collection of peacebuilding responses from organizations around the world responding to the ways technology is both creating new challenges and offering new opportunities to increase collaboration, connection, and inclusion. 

What it is:

This toolkit is intended to strengthen the ability of global peacebuilding teams to design and implement digital peacebuilding projects by using the common needs and goals of peacebuilders as entry-points. We don’t do digital peacebuilding for its own sake; we all have reasons why, and need to know more about the how.  

The toolkit describes the how in a practical collection of 30+ digital peacebuilding approaches that include enough information to get someone started: how to use the approach, tools and skills needed, additional resources for more learning, and examples of how others have used it along with key considerations and questions for adapting and tailoring the approach to diverse contexts.

How to use the toolkit:

You can navigate the toolkit in 3 ways: 

  1. Have a need or interest, but aren’t sure where to start? Follow the prompts from the homepage (link) asking about your needs and goals to arrive at the associated digital peacebuilding approaches. 

  2. Returning to the toolkit or looking for something specific? Use the menu (link) to navigate directly to different tools or examples

  3. Know exactly what you’re looking for? Use the search function in the upper right hand corner to search keywords like “chatbot” or “misinformation” and see tagged results to find what you need.

Questions, feedback, or additions? Contact us

We aim for this toolkit to be a living resource. Please let us know what questions or feedback you have that would make it more useful to you, including other approaches or examples you know of that you would suggest to be added.